The sound of an Amina speaker panel works very differently from traditional speakers.

It is not focused or bundled, but has a 180 degree radiance.

Due to the flat panel and the honeycomb material, the music radiates in all directions, in a semi-circular wave.

In this way, the music flows throughout the room and creates an even distribution.

For example, you need fewer speakers for very large rooms.

The speakers are completely concealed in the wall. This is plastered over and then painted or wallpapered.

So you have the benefits of good sound, but no influence on the interior.

Mobius 3i

4 Ohm
85dB 1m/2.83Vrms
87Hz – 19kHz 
1,1 kg


Mobius 7i

Aminas can be placed behind almost any type of material; in a wooden TV cabinet, plaster wall, in the ceiling or under a conference table made of chipboard, MDF or composite material.
Thanks to the technology, the speakers can be placed in any room in the house; in the living room, bedroom and in a 5.1 setup in the home theater.

The panels can even be installed in damp areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or swimming pool.
The stucco protects the speakers and you don't have to worry about moisture or cleaning the speakers.

ALF 80

ALF 100

4 Ohms
86dB 1m/2.83Vrms
36Hz – 140kHz (- 6db)
9.2kg (20.2lbs)
605mm x 270mm x 156mm
Decoupled Brackets
Built in crossover
3 years warranty

4 Ohms
90dB 1m/2.83Vrms
30Hz – 160kHz (- 6db)
20kg (44lbs)
108mm x 409mm x 1066mm
Fixes directly to studs
External DSP Required
3 years warranty

Our subwoofers are designed to fit seamlessly into your home's interior design, with hidden ports allowing for a truly discreet installation.

These subwoofers deliver powerful, room-filling bass that will take your movie and music listening experience to new heights.

With Amina's invisible in-wall subwoofers you have it all - superior sound quality and a sleek, sophisticated look that will impress your guests.